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Executive Summary

BPHT5 is an Open Source, set of templates to help present and provide functionality to digital media. The goals of this project is to provide the basis for a functional Business | Project Plan to help the community solve documentation issues and focus on the value add and less on the HTML, we here at feel thats our job and this is our first release.

Mission Statment

Provide HTML templates enabling useful functionality to help in future documentation efforts.

Marketing Plan

BPHT5 is a Software Project Provided by:

As an Open Source Project we hope not to have to pay for much marketing, and rely more on natural growth.

Market Research

As a start-up organization has found and solved minor issues while trying to convey information to the end user. As a web developer, there are functional requirments that are needed to all work together in cohiesion to help facilitate your needs in presenting, editing, and maintianing the data of this application. So with our immediate needs in hand we developed a few moving parts to help us address bigger issues in the market. Documentation is now a breeze with the help of BPHT5!!

Product Development

BPHT5 took a few years of effort to get to crazy world of the internet, but even though we are here, we are by no means done. We have not finished every page we, but we are taking the time to compartimentilize up functioning componets that can ship so we can reduce our efforts and focus back on creating new templates.

The SLDC is a long procress which for BPHT5 started way back in 2008 as a few financial reporting tools.

We shifted gears from web apps, to Reusable Custom UI components, which we then put in to master pages.

With the advent of Big Data and No-SQL new paridimes have changed the way we think about applications, and we are adjusting our parts to work better in off-line and with 3-way data binding to enable real-time web application that can help you manage your business not only the content it generates.

As you will hear us say this is just an initial deployment there is still massive amounts of work left, If you think you can help, or have criticizem, feed back or just want to say thanks, you can reach us at